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TR7 Engine Swap Kits MX5 & LS400

MX5 MK2 Conversion Kit

MX5 MK2 Conversion Kit


We have finished a kit of parts to fit an MX5 1.8 engine and gearbox to a standard 2.0TR7. The standard 1.8 engine is approximately 130bhp so better than a 2.0ltr TR lwith modern reliability and very smooth gearbox.
The kit will comprise of engine mounts, gearbox mount, propshaft and throttle cable, the hydraylic clutch will need plumbing and an exhaust fabricating.

We have finished our conversion and have used the standard TR7 sports stainless steel exhaust system and have just fabricated a small link pipe to the mazda manifold.

We can also supply AT throttle bodies and an engine management system & loom if you are not using the original MX5 parts.

Please email if you are interested in this conversion.

Price: 645.00

Lexus LS400 Conversion Kit

Lexus LS400 Conversion Kit

Ref: LS400

This kit comprises a new front subframe and suspension links. Automatic gearbox mount and propshaft.
We are also working on a manual gearbox conversion.
Please email for more details.