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Avon Motorsport Tyres

ZZS Road & Track Tyre

ZZS Road & Track Tyre

Ref: ZZS

The Avon ZZS is a tyre range developed to offer outstanding all-round performance in both wet and dry conditions and both on the road and on the track. The unique symmetrical and directional motorsport derived tread pattern was designed to maximize water clearance while maintaining superb dry weather performance through excellent tread block stability. The ZZS is fully road legal DOT marked and complies with all EU Tyre Labeling regulations.

New for 2015 the Avon ZZS will become the single control tyre for the official Caterham Roadsport, Tracksport and Supersort race championships.

Superb dry and wet weather performance
Fully road legal, DOT Marked and EU Tyre Labeling compliant
List 1B permitted race tyre (2015 onwards)
Full racing tread compound
Designed by the Avon Tyres Motorsport Technical Department.
Ideal championship control tyre
Tyre construction utilises materials found in GT, F3, Formula Ford and other world class forms of motorsport.
A road legal racing tyre

The ZZS tyre has the following EU tyre labeling ratings (View tyre label)

Fuel efficiency - F
Wet Grip - C
Noise - 72dB

CR500 Road & Track day tyre

CR500 Road & Track day tyre

Ref: CR500

Avon’s CR500 was developed specifically for the demands placed on tyres by Caterham’s lightweight, powerful sportscars. It was originally developed as a bespoke tyre for the original Superlight R500 but is now standard fitment across Caterham’s entire Superlight range. Derived from Avon’s motorsport range of products, the road-legal CR500s have a track-inspired, aggressive tread pattern designed to shift water and offer increased grip in wet conditions. The CR500 features are:

Staggering wet and dry performance
List 1B permitted race tyre
Tyre design draws on 25 years of race tyre technology and development
Full racing tread compound
Manufactured entirely within the motorsport manufacturing unit
Tyre construction utilises exotic cutting edge materials that are not found within a road tyre
Designed with Caterham for Caterham using both Avon and Caterham engineers and completing hours testing on the track and the road.
The CR500 is a road legal racing tyre.
Ultra light weight contruction
The CR500 range has the following EU tyre labeling ratings (View the CR500 EU tyre label):
Fuel effieceny - F
Wet Grip - A
Noise - 70dB

CR6ZZ Road Tyre

CR6ZZ Road Tyre

Ref: CR6ZZ

The CR6ZZ is a range of road legal radial competition tyres suitable for classic performance cars. They are an all-weather tyre designed to be used for competition driving in disciplines such as classic road rallying, trackdays and circuit racing. Available in a wide range of high profile sizes appropriate for the period. A range covering everything from minis and MGBs to Austin Healey 3000 and Ford GT40s. Although the CR6ZZ uses competition compounds the aesthetics of the tyre are very much in keeping with the cars they are intended to fit.

Confidence inspiring, wet weather performance
An appropriate level of dry grip for the period, to avoid overloading suspension components
Road legal
Classic tread pattern design
List 1B permitted race tyre
Competition tread compound
Designed specifically to complement the chassis characteristics of classic and historic performance cars.